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The SENSORWORX® family of ceiling mount occupancy sensors provides a range of control solutions for spaces with finished ceilings (e.g., tiles, sheetrock, and plaster). Preferred by contractors for their simple, yet flexible, mounting methods, SENSORWORX sensors reduce installation time and fuss. SENSORWORX products utilize the latest passive infrared technology and digital signal processing techniques to provide unmatched detection performance. Additionally, SENSORWORX units are available with an integrated microphone to provide overlapping passive acoustic occupancy detection for rooms with obstructions or where occupant motion will be limited. Enhanced options for this sensor family include a photocell that will override lights off if sufficient ambient light is present, active daylight harvesting for 0-10V lighting, and an isolated relay for interfacing external systems (e.g., HVAC/BAS).


Basic Operations

Sensors detect movement in the infrared energy that radiates from occupants as they move within the devices field-of-view. Once occupancy is identified, the sensor signals a connected power/relay pack to switch on the connected lighting. If equipped with passive dual technology (PIR/Acoustic), the unit’s microphone is then also enabled to further enhance detection while the lights are on. An internal timer is set to keep lights on during brief periods of inactivity, and is reset every time occupancy is signaled by either the passive infrared or acoustic detection technologies


A single sensor can be used in small spaces like a private office, however, multiple low voltage sensors can be easily wired together to provide coverage for larger spaces like an open office.


  • Classrooms
  • Open Areas
  • Conference Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Small Offices
  • Copy Rooms
  • Private Restrooms
  • Break Rooms

Features / Ceiling Mount Sensors

  • Digital Passive Infrared (PIR) Detection
  • 360° Coverage Pattern
  • Mounting Nipple Attachment with Integrated Hole Saw
  • Passive Acoustic Detection (Optional)
  • Four Contractor Friendly Mounting Methods
  • Compact Size & Matte Finish
  • Convenient Test Mode and Adjustable Time Delays
  • Optional Photocell, Daylight Harvesting, & Isolated Relay



4.00” Diameter x 1.25” Height
(10.16 cm x 3.17 cm)

4.75 oz.

White or Black


32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)

0-95% Non-Condensing
Indoor Use Only



12-24 VAC/VDC

5mA (PIR Models)
10mA (Dual Tech. Models)
12mA (Dual Tech. w/ Photocell Units)

Logic High VDC (Occupied Mode)



0-10 VDC Ballasts or Drivers
Compliant with IEC 60929 Annex E.2

1A @ 30 VDC/VAC


0 sec. to 30 min.
10 Minute Default

5 sec.

Code Compliance

Sensors can be used to meet
ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, & Title 24
energy code requirements


Passive Infrared (PIR)

  • 8 to 15 ft (2.44 to 4.57 m) mounting height recommended.
  • Detection range improves when walking across beams as compared to into beams
  • Lenses can be swapped in field if necessary, contact technical support for assistance

Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic)

  • Units with dual technology (SWX-221-1 and SWX-222-1) have overlapping acoustic detection of the complete PIR coverage area
  • A PIR event is required to initially enable Acoustic detection
  • Sounds indicating occupancy reset the sensor’s time delay while non-occupant noises are filtered out
  • Occupant sounds alone will not keep lights on indefinitely, PIR motion must be periodically detected for lights to remain on for an extended time
  • After sensor time out expires, acoustic detection remains enabled for 10 seconds to enable voice reactivation of lights for additional convenience and safety

Small Motion 360°

  • Best choice for detection of small motions from sitting occupants (e.g., hand motion)
  • ~500 ftof coverage


Large Motion 360°

  • Best choice for detection of larger motion (e.g., walking)

  • ~2000 ft2 of coverage

  • Longest segment of coverage pattern aligns with screw hole axis on sensor (shown as dotted line on Top View diagram below)

High Bay 360°

  • Best choice for mounting heights above 15ft
  • Recommended for gyms, warehouses, and other high ceiling areas where multiple sensor coverage is required
  • Not recommended for areas where occupants are sitting
  • Gaps between outer segments get larger as mounting height increases
  • Not available with acoustic (dual technology)

Daylight Harvesting & Photocell Operation

Units with the integrated photocell option can provide on/off or inhibit only control of lighting. Units with the daylight harvesting option can also directly dim 0-10V lighting.

Daylight Harvesting

  • Lights will gradually dim in order to maximize energy savings while maintaining desired overall lighting level.
  • Recommend for spaces where it is important to not distract occupants (e.g., offices, classrooms).
  • Option to dim to low trim or turn lighting off.

On/Off Photocell Control

  • Lights are switched off if ambient light level surpasses threshold and back on if level drops.
  • Recommended for public spaces (hallways, entryways, etc) where fully switching of lighting off and on will not cause distraction of occupants.

Inhibit Only Photocell Control

  • Lighting is held off if sufficient ambient light level is present upon initial occupancy.
  • Lighting will turn on if light level drops below setpoint.
  • Once on, lighting will only turn off from vacancy or a manual switch, never from daylight.

Wiring Diagrams

Standard Wiring

Occupancy & Daylight Harvesting

  • Lights will gradually dim in order to maximize energy savings while maintaining desired overall lighting level.
  • Lights will dim only to low trim if white wire is connected to power pack. Connect blue wire to power pack to switch lighting completely off from daylight.

Separate Occupancy Zone & Occupancy + On/Off Photocell Zone

  • During occupied state, photocell output (blue wire) will turn lights off if ambient light level surpasses threshold and back on if level drops.

  • Also configurable to prevent lights from initially turning on, but not to turn them off once lights are on (i.e. Inhibit Only operation).

Sensor Interface to BMS

  • The auxiliary output relay (model option -AR) is designed to interface with many types of BMS, VAV units, and relay panels

  • Operation of relay (brown wires) is configurable:

    • By default the relay latches closed when occupancy is detected (white wire goes high)

    • Relay can be configured to alternatively follow the occupancy + photocell (blue wire) output

    • Relay polarity (open vs closed) can also be reversed

Installation Options

Ordering Info

SWX–Ceiling Mount Sensor2Passive Infrared (PIR)0Small Motion 360°1Low Voltage–1Daylight Harvesting (0-10V)–D**
Passive Infrared (PIR) + Photocell1Large Motion 360°2Isolated Auxiliary Relay–AR
Passive Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic)2High Bay 360º3*Black Cover & Lens–BK***
Passive Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic) + Photocell3

* Not available with Dual Tech units
** Only available on units w/ Photocells
*** Not available on units w/ Photocells

Ceiling Mount Sensors Popular Model Numbers

SWX-201-1Passive Infrared (PIR) | Small Motion 360° | Low Voltage
SWX-202-1Passive Infrared (PIR) | Large Motion 360° | Low Voltage
SWX-203-1Passive Infrared (PIR) | High Bay 360° | Low Voltage
SWX-221-1Passive Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic) | Small Motion 360° | Low Voltage
SWX-222-1Passive Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic) | Large Motion 360° | Low Voltage

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