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The SENSORWORX family of wall switch occupancy/vacancy sensors provides a simple and cost effective lighting control solution for many applications. Just like its line voltage counterpart, the low voltage SENSORWORX wall switch sensor is designed with contractors in mind. Less than 1” deep, the unit is 25-40% shallower than typical dimmers and sensors, resulting in less crowed wall boxes. SENSORWORX products utilize the latest passive infrared technology and digital signal processing techniques to provide unmatched motion detection performance. These units are also available with an integrated microphone to provide overlapping passive acoustic occupancy detection for rooms with obstructions or where occupant motion is limited.

Basic Operations

Sensors detect movement in the infrared energy that radiates from occupants as they move within the devices field-of-view. Once occupancy is identified, the sensor signals a connected power/relay pack to switch on the connected lighting. All units can also be configured to operate in Vacancy Mode (e.g., require lights be manually switched on). Once lights are on and if equipped with passive dual technology (PIR/Acoustic), the unit’s microphone is enabled to further enhance detection. An internal timer is set to keep lights on during brief periods of inactivity, and is reset every time occupancy is signaled by either the passive infrared or acoustic detection technologies. Ambient daylight detection can also be enabled in equipped units so that lights are held off in rooms with sufficient light contribution from windows or skylights.


A wall switch sensor is typically used in a small room or enclosed space. A Passive Infrared (PIR) only sensor is sufficient for spaces where line of site is maintained and occupants are periodically moving (e.g., copy rooms, storage rooms). Dual technology sensors are necessary where occupants may be partially blocked from the sensor’s direct view or where they may be stationary (e.g., private offices or restrooms with stalls).

  • Private Restrooms
  • Copy Rooms
  • Restroom with Stalls
  • Small Meeting Room
  • Small Office
  • Vestibule
  • Storage Room
  • Break Room

Features / Wall Switch Sensors

Physical Features

  • Enclosure is 25-40% Shallower than
    Other Sensors (< 1” Depth into Wallbox)

  • Unique Bat-Wing Shaped Lens Provides
    Enhanced Peripheral Detection

  • Modern Look and Intuitive
    Easy-Tap Buttons for On/Off, Raise, & Lower

  • Rugged Vandal Resistant Lens
  • Settings are Adjustable Without Removing
    Cover Plate

Operational Features

  • Wall-To-Wall Passive Infrared
    Small Motion Detection

  • Passive Acoustic Detection (Optional) –
    Prevents False Offs when No Motion is Present

  • 100% Passive Detection Methods –
    No Interference Potential from External Devices

  • Configurable Sensor Settings Including Time
    Delays and Occupancy/Vacancy Operating Modes

  • Blue Locator LED when Lights are Off

  • Optional Wiring Connections for Multi-way
    or Multi-Sensor Applications



2.74”H x 1.68”W x 1.39”D
(6.96 x 4.27 x 3.53 cm)
Not Including Mounting Strap

4.5 oz

Single Gang Switch Box


12-24 VAC/VDC

2mA (PIR model)
10mA (Dual Tech. models)

Logic High VDC (Occupied Mode)

SWX-900 (for Stand Alone apps.)
SWX-900-AX (for Multi-Way apps.)


32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)

0-95% Non-Condensing,
Indoor Use Only

Code Compliance

This wall switch sensor can be used to meet many requirements of ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and Title 24.

Common Energy Code Definitions:

  • Occupancy Operation: Auto On/Auto Off
  • Vacancy Operation: Manual On/Auto Off


  • 30” to 48” (0.76 – 1.22 m) recommended mounting height

  • Wall to wall (~180 degree) coverage

  • Small motion (e.g., hand movement) detection up to 20 ft (6.10 m), ~625 ft2

  • Large motion (e.g., walking) detection greater than 36 ft (10.97 m), ~ 2025 ft2

  • Overlapping acoustic detection of occupants over entire coverage area

  • Advanced signal processing filters out nuisance noises while not effecting overall sensitivity

Operation Settings

Time Delay

  • Test Mode, 30 sec, 5-30 min

  • 5 sec test mode expires after 10 minutes

Ambient Light (Daylight) Detection

  • Sensor holds lights off when ambient light is present

  • Manual threshold levels or auto-selection of threshold level

  • Disabled when in Vacancy (Manual On) mode

Turn-On Sensitivity

  • When enabled, this setting reduces the sensor’s PIR sensitivity for initial turn-ons  in order to eliminate false on caused by reflective surfaces like windows

  • Unit returns to full sensitivity after initial turn-on

LED Functionality

  • White LED blinks upon occupancy detection

  • Blue LED serves as a switch locator when lights are off

  • LED functionality can be disabled

Operational Modes

SENSORWORX wall switch sensors are intelligent devices that provide both excellent energy savings and enhanced user convenience. In stand alone models, users can choose from several pre-programmed operational modes that best fit their preferences and applicable energy codes. In multi-sensor/switch (-MS) models, Vacancy and Occupancy modes are achievable by configuration of the connected SWX-900-AX power pack.

Vacancy Mode
Manual On / Automatic Off operation. Lights can also be switched off manually. This mode provides increased energy savings but requires the user to initially turn on the lights. Models SWX-103, SWX-104, SWX-123, and SWX-124 default to Vacancy modes.

Occupancy Mode
Automatic On and Automatic Off operation. If lights are switched off manually, the Automatic On functionality is temporarily disabled to allow the person a few seconds to leave the room before switching back to Automatic On operation. However, if the person remains in the space the unit will stay in a manual on state until the switch is pressed again. This mode is the default operation of SWX-101, SWX-111, SWX-121, and SWX-131 models.

Automatic On w/ Exit Time Mode
Automatic On and Automatic Off operation. If lights are switched off manually, the Automatic On functionality is disabled for a fixed 30 seconds.

Override Off Mode
Automatic On and Automatic Off operation until lights are switched off manually, at which point Automatic On functionality is disabled until the switch is pressed again.

Disabled Switch Mode
Automatic On and Automatic Off operation only. Switch functionality to manually turn on/off lights is disabled.

Presentation Mode
If lights are switched off manually, the Automatic On functionality is disabled until the space becomes unoccupied and the sensor’s time delay expires.

Wiring Diagrams

  • Unit works both in installations where Neutral connection is available as well as installations where only Ground connection is present

  • The unit’s two black wires are interchangeable (e.g., one connects to line power, one connects to load)

Stand-Alone Sensor Wiring

It is not recommended to connect a second low voltage sensor to the stand-alone model low voltage wall switch sensor as the second sensor will override the switches on/off button when occupied. For multi-sensor applications, models with the -MS option should be utilized.

Multi-Switch & Multi-Sensor Applications

  • Multi-Way applications include one or more low voltage wall switch sensors (-MS option required) and one or more low voltage switches (SWX-801)

  • It is recommended that all low voltage switches be within the line-of-sight of the sensor

  • Multi-Sensor applications include one or more low voltage wall switch sensors (-MS option required) and/or one or more low voltage sensors (e.g. SWX-201-1)

  • SWX-900-AX model power packs should always be used with sensors with multi-switch/multi-sensor (-MS) option

Installation Options

Ordering Info

SWX–Wall Switch Sensor1Passive Infrared (PIR)0Auto On (Occupancy)112-24V–1Stand-Alone(Blank)White–WHSingle Pack(Blank)
Passive Infrared (PIR) + Daylight12Manual On (Vacancy)3Multi-Switch or Multi-Sensor***–MS1,2Ivory–IV10 Pack**–J10
Passive Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic)2Light Almond–LA
Passive Dual Technology (PIR/Acoustic) + Daylight32Gray–GY

**The Contractor Pack option (-J10) reduces job site waste and inventory time
***Coming Soon, Consult Factory
NOTE 1: Multi-switch/sensor (-MS) option coming soon, consult factory
NOTE 2: Daylight detection not available with multi-switch/sensor (-MS) option

Wall Switch Sensors Popular Model Numbers

SWX-101-1-WHLow Voltage Wall Switch Sensor, PIR, Auto-On, White
SWX-103-1-WHLow Voltage Wall Switch Sensor, PIR, Manual On, White
SWX-121-1-WHLow Voltage Wall Switch Sensor, Dual Tech., Auto-On, White
SWX-123-1-WHLow Voltage Wall Switch Sensor, Dual Tech., Manual On, White
SWX-101-1-MS-WHLow Voltage Wall Switch Sensor, PIR, Multi-Switch/Sensor Compatible, White
SWX-121-1-MS-WHLow Voltage Wall Switch Sensor, Dual Tech., Multi-Switch/Sensor Compatible, White

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