Who is
SensorWorx ?

SENSORWORX products are designed, produced, and sold by BLP Technologies, Inc. of Wallingford, Connecticut. Founded in 2017 by engineers with decades of experience in lighting controls, the team behind SENSORWORX has an unmatched resume of bringing high quality and innovative products to the lighting and building control marketplace. With particular expertise in occupancy sensing, BLP Technologies is uniquely qualified to make the SENSORWORX brand the new standard of quality and technology excellence.

Origin Story

The SENSORWORX mission grew out of our observations about the occupancy sensor products currently being used in the energy-retrofit market space.

In general, these products are quite dated, especially their fundamental occupancy detection methods. Additionally, current products on the market have not taken advantage of the advances in the size, cost, power, and speed of microprocessors. Next, through discussions with electrical contractors, we learned about many aspects of sensor installation that could be improved with a better mechanical design. Finally, our knowledge of domestic sourcing requirements for many retrofit projects, current political climate, and prior knowledge of the “hidden” quality costs of foreign manufacturing indicated to us that 100% United States based production could be a strategic competitive advantage going forward.

What new technology is being incorporated into SensorWorx products?

SENSORWORX products utilize the latest generation of microprocessors; taking advantage of their decreased size, cost, and power consumption to optimize our current sensor designs. Their increased speed and performance capabilities also provide a powerful platform for increased functionality in future SENSORWORX products. Additionally, we are utilizing advanced digital signal processing techniques to enhance our acoustic occupant recognition technology.

How do SensorWorx products help an electrical contractor?

Installation time is money to an electrical contractor. Prior to designing any product we consult with electricians and contractors to learn their preferences, pain-points, and ideas for a more ideal sensor experience.  What results are products with unique mechanical features that add convenience and reduce the amount of labor required for installation.

Marketing Library

We have made all of our Brochures & Sell Sheets available as downloadable PDFs for your convenience. If you need more information please contact one of our representatives.

Why is SensorWorx
Manufacturing in the USA?

We take pride in our work. We have pride in our team and know that quality requires attention to detail at all levels of the manufacturing process. We are creating a brand that we will proudly manufacture in the United States.

SENSORWORX is committed to 100% USA based manufacturing.


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NALMCO is committed to raising the professional level of its members and the performance of lighting systems by providing education, certification, and networking opportunities for the lighting industry.

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The Lighting Controls Association (LCA), a council of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), is dedicated to educating the professional building design, construction, and management communities about lighting control technology, application, and benefits.

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NAILD is a national, nonprofit trade association driving lighting innovation through networking and education. Since 1977 their mission has been to provide their members with tools, resources and opportunities to grow their businesses profitably.

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Founded by engineers with decades of experience in lighting controls, the team behind SENSORWORX has an unmatched resumé of bringing high quality and innovative products to the lighting and building control marketplace. We invite you to follow us as we grow the SENSORWORX brand, build our new production facility, and create products that set The New Standard in Lighting Controls.

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