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The SENSORWORX fixture mount occupancy sensor series is an excellent solution for high bay and industrial lighting control. With its universal lens that provides excellent range and density, this sensor removes the need to classify an application as low bay, high bay, or aisleway. Additionally, integrated tabs on its chase nipple reduces installation time and fuss by firmly attaching to a fixture via a standard knockout. SENSORWORX products utilize the latest passive infrared technology and digital signal processing techniques to provide unmatched detection performance.

Basic Operations

Sensors detect movement in the infrared energy that radiates from occupants as they move within the devices field-of-view. Once occupancy is identified, the sensor’s internal relay switches power on to the connected lighting. An internal timer is set to keep lights on during brief periods of inactivity, and is reset every time occupancy is signaled. Optional daylight detection is also available that dims or turns off controlled lighting according to the ambient lights levels present in the space.


Line voltage sensors are self-contained units that directly power from and switch 120/277 VAC. In a fixture mount application, they typically control a single fixture.

  • Warehouse Storage Area
  • Distribution Centers
  • Garage
  • Manufacturing Areas

Features / Fixture Mount Sensors

  • Universal Lens Works for High Bay, Low Bay, & AisleWay Applications

  • Greater Detection Range & Density than Leading Highbay 360° & Aisleway sensors

  • Digital Passive Infrared (PIR) Detection

  • Optional Dimming Output Enables Configurable High/Low/Off Operational Modes

  • Snap-In Chase Nipple Makes Installation Quick
  • Integrated Bracket Drops Sensor Below Bottom of Fixture
  • Electronically Timed Switching Designed for LED Fixture Control
  • Convenient Test Mode and Adjustable Time Delays



4.00” Diameter x 3.00” H
(10.16 x 7.62 cm)

5.00 oz



MVOLT (120-277 VAC)

800W @ 120 VAC
1000W @ 208 VAC (2-Phase)
1200W @ 277 VAC



32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)

0-95% Non-Condensing,
Indoor Use Only

Code Compliance

Meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1
& CEC Title 24 Requirements


Universal 360° Lens

  • Detects walking size motion or larger (e.g., forklifts)
  • Single lens provides detection at mounting heights from 8 ft to 40 ft +
  • Detection range improves when walking askew to sensor compared to directly at it
  • Typical coverage radius ~1.2 x mounting height

High Bay Mounting

Low Bay Mounting

Operation Settings

Operation Setting (* = Default)

  • Primary Occupancy Time Delay: Test Mode, 30 sec, 5, 10*, 15, 20, 30 min

  • Secondary (Dim to Off) Time Delay: 0, 30 sec, 2.5*, 5, 10 min

  • Ambient Light Threshold: Auto-Setpoint, 7 Preset Levels, Disabled

  • High Trim: 10V*, 9V, 8V, 7V, 6V, 5V

  • Low Trim: 0V, 1V, 2V, 3V*, 4V, 5V

  • LED Intensity: Low, High*

  • Operational Mode (Occupancy):

    • SWX-501, SWX-511: On/Off*

    • SWX-501-HL: High/Low/Off*, High/Low

    • SWX-511-NL: High/Low/Off, High/Low*

    • SWX-511-D: High/Low/Off, High/Low*

Photocell Operation

Sensors with an integrated photocell (models SWX-511) will turn lights on/off depending on the amount of ambient light detected. This operation makes them ideal for lighting near skylights, windows, or large bay doors.

Night Light Operation

To enhance nighttime safety in facilities equipped with 0-10V dimmable fixtures, a NightLight operational mode (NL option) is available on sensors equipped with a photocell (SWX-511). In this mode, fixtures will be dimmed and then turned completely off during periods with sufficient daylight. However, during periods with insufficient daylight (i.e. at night) lights are held at a dimmed level during unoccupied periods.

High/Low Operation

0-10V dimmable fixtures can be controlled with a high/low/off sequence of operation by adding the High/Low option (HL). With this mode, the sensors will drop the lighting level to a low setting after the occupancy time delay expires. Additional operation (must be enabled) allows the unit after a second time delay to shut the fixture off completely. Alternatively, leaving the sensor’s relay disconnected will cause the fixture to stay at the full dim setting (but never turn completely off) for the duration of the unoccupied period.

Daylight Harvesting

Sensors with the daylight harvesting option (e.g. SWX-511-D) are capable of automatically controlling the level of 0-10V dimmable fixtures according to the level of detected ambient daylight. Once fully dim, by default, these sensors will then turn lighting completely off if daylight levels are sufficient to maintain the desired overall lighting level. It is also configurable to have lighting stay at the full dim level and never turn off
from daylight.

Wiring Diagrams

  • Unit works both in installations where Neutral connection is available as well as installations where only Ground connection is present.
  • The unit’s two black wires are interchangeable (i.e. one connects to line power, one connects to load).

Single Phase Wiring

2-Phase Wiring

(208 VAC)

Dimming Wiring

  • Dimming wires are present on models with -D, -HL or -NL option

Installation Options

Ordering Info

SWX–Fixture Mount Sensor5PIR0Highbay / Lowbay / Aisleway1None(Blank)Standard Environment(Blank)Individual Pack(Blank)
PIR + Photocell1High/Low/Off Operation–HLHigh Humidity Environment–HE50 Pack–J50
Daylight Harvesting–D
Night Light Operation–NL

Fixture Mount Sensors Popular Model Numbers

SWX-501Fixture Mount Sensor - PIR, Line Voltage, Universal 360° Lens
SWX-501-HLFixture Mount Sensor - PIR, Line Voltage, Universal 360° Lens, High/Low/Off Dimming
SWX-511Fixture Mount Sensor - PIR + Photocell, Line Voltage, Universal 360° Lens
SWX-511-NLFixture Mount Sensor - PIR + Photocell, Line Voltage, Universal 360° Lens, Nightlight Dimming

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