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SENSORWORX power pack controllers transform incoming line voltage power to Class 2 low voltage as needed by sensors or other control devices. Additionally, they switch on/off power to the connected lighting load as directed by the sensors and controls. SENSORWORX power packs utilize a powerful microprocessor to optimize its switching timing in order to ensure long relay life even when controlling high-inrush LEDs and ballast loads. As with all SENSORWORX products, these power packs are easy to install and incorporate features which reduce contractor labor time. An elongated chase nipple with snaps for quick installation and an optional snap-on low voltage wire chamber makes for a hassle-free contractor experience. All SENSORWORX products are proudly made in the USA.


Basic Operations

An input signal indicating occupancy from one or more connected sensors will signal the pack’s integrated relay to close. Once closed, line voltage will flow through the relay and turn on the connected lighting load. When the input signal indicates the occupied period has ended, the relay will open and lighting will switch off. This pack is also available with an auxiliary switch input to enable manual on, hold on, and hold off configurations. Partial on (e.g., auto on to 50%) can also be achieved using the optional 0-10V output.


  • Classrooms
  • Copy Rooms
  • Open Areas
  • Small Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Private Restrooms
  • Hallways

Features / Power Packs

  • Powers Low Voltage Sensors

  • Switches Line Voltage Loads

  • Electronically Timed Switching Ensures Long Relay Life

  • Integrated Test/Programming Button

  • Plenum Rated (UL 2043)

  • Optional Snap-On Attachment Provides Chamber for Low Voltage Wire Connections

  • Optional Switch Input for Manual On, Hold On, or Hold Off Operation

  • Optional 0-10V Stepped Dimming Ouput for Partial On Operation



3.00” H x 2.25” W x 1.88” D
(7.62 cm x 5.72 cm x 4.78 cm)

6.00 oz.


1/2” Knockout


Bi-color White & Blue


32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)

0-95% Non-Condensing
Indoor Use Only



120/277 VAC

18 VDC, 150 mA

55 mA

1 HP

20A @ 120 V – General Purpose Plug Load

20A @ 120/277 VAC – General Purpose, Tungsten, Magnetic Ballast

16A @ 120/277 VAC – Electronic Ballast, LED Driver

20A @ 28 VDC (MAX)
1A @ 5 VDC (MIN)

(Models with -D2 option only)
50mA, (0-10 VDC ballasts or drivers compliant with IEC 60929 Annex E.2)

Wiring Diagrams

Basic Sensor Wiring (SWX-900)

Basic Sensor Wiring (SWX-900-AX)

Basic Sensor Wiring (SWX-900-AX-D2)

Single Sensor Wiring

Multiple Sensor Wiring

Multiple Power Pack Wiring with Common Line Feeds


Multiple Power Pack Wiring with Separate Line Feeds


Power Pack with Secondary Relay Pack Wiring

Power Pack Connected to Momentary Switch

(Requires -AX Option)

  • Some energy codes require Manual On (also called Vacancy) operation where an occupant is required to initially switch on lighting. The sensor then ensures lights are turned off once the space is unoccupied

  • Interfacing momentary switches such as the SWX-801-xx or SWX-803-xx are recommended, however maintained switches can also be utilized

  • For momentary switches, the power pack will react on the leading edge of a pulse on the brown input wire

  • For maintained switches, any change of state on the brown wire that lasts longer than 0.5 seconds will be read by the power pack as one action


Power Pack Connected to Maintained Switch

(Requires -AX Option)


Power Pack with Switch Signal from External System

  • Typical for Hold On and Hold Off applications
  • BROWN switch input can be activated by external signals +5VDC or higher (i.e. logic high)
  • For hold on and hold off applications, switch input can also be configured to activate on logic low


Multi-Way Switching

(Requires -AX Option)

  • Switching a powerpack from multiple locations (i.e., 3-way, 4-way switching) can be achieved using multiple SENSORWORX model# SWX-801-xx switches or a combination of one model# SWX-803-xx dimmer and one or more model# SWX-801-xx switches.

  • Note that only one dimmer should be used per multi-way application.





Partial On / Stepped Dimming

(Requires -AX-D2 Option)

  • Some energy codes require Partial On operation which only allows lighting to automatically turn on to a 50% level. Once on, an occupant may raise lighting to a higher level. The sensor then ensures lights are turned off once the space is unoccupied.

  • When initially triggered from an occupancy sensor or switch, the SWX-900-AX-D2 unit will turn on connected 0-10V lighting to 50% (level is user configurable). The unit will then raise lighting to 100% (level is user configurable) when its switch input is triggered. Lighting will turn off if another switch press is detected or when all connected sensors go to their unoccupied state.

  • Additional configurable parameters include; Turn On Dim Level, Turn Off Scheme, Fade On/Fade Off Rates, and High/Low Dimming Trim Levels.

  • Using the SENSORWORX model# SWX-801-xx momentary switch is recommended for this application, however other manufacturers switches may also be utilized.

Application Notes

Multi-zone and Bi-Level Switching

Rooms with multiple lighting zones or bi-level lighting often want one zone/level to switch on automatically, with the occupant able to manually switch on the additional zone/level if desired. Both zones/levels are then switched off automatically by the sensor once unoccupied. Two SWX-900-AX power packs are wired to switches, however one unit is set to Automatic On mode while the other is set to Manual On mode. In this configuration, lighting can be switched off manually or automatically via the occupancy sensor.

Load Shed / Hold Off Application


The occupancy sensor connected to both power packs normally keeps all lights on when the space is occupied. When a load shed (override off) command is given (by BMS, utility meter, etc.), lights connected to SWX-900-AX are held off. Remaining lights connected to SWX-900 are still controlled by the sensor.


Sensor Override / Hold On Application

(e.g. RETAIL)

During open hours, a signal from a time clock (connected to the BROWN switch input on the SWX-900-AX) holds lights on, regardless of occupancy. After hours, the clock’s schedule releases the hold on signal enabling the occupancy sensor to take over.


Power Pack Capacity

SWX-900 series power packs can supply power to several occupancy sensors and additional secondary relay packs. Following the below formula ensures adequate power will be available. Note the SWX-900’s relay has already been factored into the formula.


[ (# of PIR SENSORS*) x5mA ] + [ (# of Dual TECH SENSORS) x10mA ] + [ (# of SWX-910) x70mA ] < [ (# of SWX-900) x80mA ]

*or low voltage wall switches

Installation Options

Ordering Info

SWX–Power Pack9Single Relay + 150 mA Supply0120/277 V0NoneBlankPartial Off/On Control*
(Stepped Dimming 0-10V)
Secondary Relay1Auxiliary Switch Input–AXHigh Humidity Environment-HE
150 mA Supply2Auxiliary Contact Closure Relay**-AR

*Requires -AX Option
**Available with SWX-910 Only

SWX-999Snap-On Low Voltage Wiring Chamber

Power Packs Popular Model Numbers

SWX-900Power Pack | Single Relay + 150 mA Supply | 120/277 V
SWX-910Secondary Relay Pack | Single Relay | 120/277 V
SWX-920Secondary Power Supply | 150mA | 120/277V
SWX-900-AXPower Pack with Auxiliary Switch Input | Single Relay + 150 mA Supply | 120/277 VAC
SWX-900-AX-D2Partial On Power Pack with 0-10V Stepped Control | Single Relay + 150 mA Supply | 120/277 VAC

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