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The SENSORWORX low voltage decorator wall switch provides an attractive companion wall station for a low voltage sensor system. Many spaces now require by code (e.g., ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, Title 24) manual on, partial-on, or full range dimming user operation in addition to an occupancy sensor providing automatic off control. The simplest way of achieving this is by adding a low voltage wall station that interfaces with the power pack controlling the rooms lighting. Adding a switch to a low voltage sensor system also enables users to override a space’s lighting off if necessary. Functioning as a momentary switch, this one button wall station is intuitive to use and provides pleasant tactile feedback. Visually, the unit matches the SENSORWORX line of wall switch sensors, ensuring a consistent style across multiple spaces on a project. Additionally, the single button switch has an integrated locator LED with multiple color and intensity settings. Three button dimming units have an integrated 0-10V output, intuitive raise/lower buttons, and a five LED level indicator.

Basic Operations

The SENSORWORX low voltage decorator wall station functions as a momentary switch with a pulse length of 250 msec. Typically, it is utilized along with any SENSORWORX power pack with the auxiliary switch input option (e.g. model SWX-900-AX). Using a three-conductor low voltage wire (typically 18 AWG), low voltage power and common is wired from the power pack to the switch. The switch output is then wired back to the power pack’s auxiliary switch input. For applications requiring Vacancy (e.g., Manual On) operation, the switch signals the power pack to turn on lighting after the unit’s button is pressed. To achieve multi-way switching, two or more single button units can be wired in parallel.

For three button units with integrated dimming, an additional 0-10V output wire is provided to connect directly to fixtures. By default, the lights will always come on to the last dim level, however the unit can be programmed to turn-on to a preset level in order to accommodate partial-on applications.


A wall station can be added to any space where a low voltage control system is used. Energy codes require either Manual On or Partial On to 50% for many spaces such as:

  • Private Office
  • Open Office
  • Conference Room
  • Classroom
  • Storage Room
  • Break Room

Features / Low Voltage Switches

  • Decorator Style Fits Common Wall Plates
    (not included)

  • Less than 1” Depth in Wall

  • Multiway Switching Capable
    (e.g., 3-way, 4-way)

  • Intuitive Operation
  • LED Location Aid
  • Matches Styling of SWX Wall Switch Sensor
  • Five Segment LED Indication of Dim Level



2.74”H x 1.68”W x 1.39”D
(6.96 x 4.27 x 3.53 cm)
Fits Decorator Switch Plate Opening

0.94” (23.88 mm)

2.5 oz

Single Gang Switch Box


5-24 VDC

< 5 mA (SWX-801)
< 12 mA (SWX-803)

(Model # SWX-803 only)
50mA, (0-10 VDC ballasts or drivers compliant with IEC 60929 Annex E.2)

250 msec


32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)

0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only

Operation Settings

The one button switch has configurable settings for its LED operation. The three button switch also has several dimming parameters that can be adjusted to accommodate different applications or user preferences.

LED Functionality

  • Single button switch (SWX-801) has a white LED that is always on as a location aid.

  • Dimming switch (SWX-803) has five white LEDs that indicate the current dim level

  • Locator LED can be programmed to be blue and/or more intense

  • Location LED can also be disabled

High-End & Low-End Trim

  • High-end trim enables energy saving task tuning by setting a maximum level (100%-50%) that which users are allowed to raise lights

  • Low-end trim enables minimum user level of dimmer to be raised

Turn On/Turn Off Dimming Operation

  • Sensor turns on lighting to last user level or can be programmed to a preset level (100%, 50%, or custom)

  • Sensor can turn off lighting by switching off power (by opening relay) or dimming below electronic off level

  • Lighting can also be held at low-end trim level during unoccupied/off state

Fade On/Fade Off Times

  • Adjustable time for level to ramp up to turn-on level (0.75 sec, 1.5 sec, 3 sec, 5 sec, or 15 sec)

  • Adjustable time interval for level to ramp down to off (0.75 sec, 1.5 sec, 3 sec, 5 sec, or 15 sec)

Dimming Curve

  • The dimming curve defines how the dimmer unit adjust its voltage output in response to button commands
  • Linear (default), Square Law, Logarithmic

Operational Modes

  • Single Standard Momentary Switch Mode

  • 3-Way Momentary Switch + Dimming (SWX-803 only)

Wiring Diagrams

Standard Wiring

Manual On Application (Vacancy)

  • Default operation of the SWX-900-AX is Automatic On (Occupancy) operation. For proper vacancy operation, the SWX-900-AX’s OPERATIONAL MODE setting needs to be configured for MANUAL ON (VACANCY).
  • Additional SWX-801 switches can be wired in parallel to achieve 3-way (or more) operation.


Manual On (Vacancy) or Partial-On w/ Full Dimming Control

  • Lights turn on to last selected level (default) or to preset level (e.g., partial on).
  • If no sensor is present, tie power pack low voltage red to low voltage white wire.
  • Default operation of the SWX-900-AX is Automatic On (Occupancy) operation. For proper vacancy or partial-on operation, the SWX-900-AX’s OPERATIONAL MODE setting needs to be configured for MANUAL ON (VACANCY).

Installation Options

Designed to mount in 1-gang wall box with 3.28” hole spacing. Units can also share multiple gang wall boxes with other devices.

Ordering Info

SWX–801Low Voltage Decorator Switch - Momentary On/OffWhite–WH
803Low Voltage Decorator Switch & Dimmer (0-10V)Ivory–IV
Light Almond–LA


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